Defense Medical Syndicate

Defense Medical Syndicate, a member of the Syndicate Alliance family, is a specialty medical supply company. Founded by medical sales professionals and military logisticians Defense Medical Syndicate focuses in government procurement strategies, effective acquisitions, and management of medical equipment and supplies. The company’s experience matches industry innovations and trends with extensive knowledge of defense contracting and the government procurement process. We pride ourselves in the ability to adapt to changing markets to meet our customer’s current needs. Our team is committed to providing efficient delivery and overwhelming customer service. Day or night, our highly-trained, industry-specialized, customer-centered field representatives are at your disposal.

Engaging Defense Medical Protocol

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The military and veteran health care enterprises have one of the most important missions entrusted to any government agency. Active duty service members must be kept in peak health for military effectiveness, operational medical support must be available for combat operations and humanitarian assistance missions, and care must be provided to beneficiaries at home. Additionally, the Veterans Health Administration is the largest integrated health care system in the United States servicing an estimated nine million patients. Faced with a clinically complex array of service-connected conditions it is a national priority to ensure veterans receive the best possible care.  As former special operators, Defense Medical Syndicate has an unyielding commitment to support their mission.

What We Do

Defense Medical Syndicate (DMS) is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that partners with major medical equipment manufactures to provide cutting edge medical equipment and premium medical supplies to the U.S. Federal Government. DMS also specializes in medical asset management options to facilitate the acquisition or divestment of existing medical technology. DMS is committed to world class service by assisting it’s clients in the delivery of high quality, safe, accessible, and cost effective health care.

Our Values

Our special operations roots never let us forget our customers depend on timely service to meet mission critical requirements for operational needs. We strive to find supply chain solutions where the company wins, our customers win and America wins. These values embody our corporate culture.

Integrity: Trust is the foundation of our business. We look out for our people, our partner, and our clients. Our word is our bond.

Innovation: Be a learning organization of problem solvers who encourage our people to be ingenious, experiment, take smart risks, and seize opportunities.

Performance: Executional excellence and unsurpassed customer service is our standard.

Professionalism: The culmination of knowledge, adaptability, teamwork, persistence and attitude on how we conduct business operations.

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